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A Navigation Tool to Continually Improve CSR Management

The aim of CSR Compass is to help achieve CSR management that members changes in the times and contributes to competitive advantages by offering information on major stakeholder trends and best practice examples both within and without Japan.

CSR Compass is an internet database that offers information leading to:
  1. Systematic understanding of strategic CSR, which aims at improving corporate value
  2. Identification of social trends in CSR and the environmental field
  3. Research on best practice examples of corporate CSR actions

By understanding and analyzing information provided by CSR Compass, CSR Compass is useful for planning and executing CSR management that produces competitive leadership when combined with the current situation and existing strategies at one's own organization.

As of April 2010, there are over 140 cases of corporate benchmark examples listed, and over 50 companies utilize the database.

(1) Systematic understanding of strategic CSR

■ Knowledge Box

TThe Knowledge Box consists of the following three sections, each designed for different target readers:
1. Introduction to CSR
-Introduces the basics and keywords on CSR
2. CSR Close-Up
- Explains and analyzes key CSR topics and trends
3. Inspiration from Business Leaders
-Deliver messages by corporate executives from companies demonstrating leadership in the CSR field.

■ Strategic CSR Leader Seminar (video)

The Strategic CSR Leader Seminar is delivered by video 12 times a year. It takes on issues such as, what future trends will envelope business, what value can be created through CSR management, and how that value can be acquired. This seminar is useful for understanding the value and possibilities of CSR and benefits not only persons in charge of CSR, but also those in management positions, and even general staff.

(2) Identification of social trends

■ Trend Watch (monthly news updates)

Trend Watch features carefully selected news items about stakeholders that have an impact on business, such as international NGOs, think tanks, and CSR industry leaders. These articles are presented at the end of every month along with a concise summary of the past month’s major news stories. Each news item is categorized, making it possible to search for or view articles by user interest.

■ Insight (updated 8 times yearly)

Write-ups concerning themes such as expectations toward businesses, and major NGOs, think tanks, and opinion leaders that have a strong influence on society are accepted and published as contributing articles.

■ Consumer voices (archives)

Questionnaires concerning ideas and actions regarding environmental consciousness, health consciousness, corporate CSR programs, and other issues are conducted over the internet, and an analysis of the results are published. Information such as findings that take a look at the LOHAS demographic, which has a high awareness of health and the environment, and information useful to corporate practice and marketing planning are provided.

※ Full reports of the 2008 LOHAS Consumer Trends and the 2009 Sustainable Bland Survey

■ Stakeholder Database of leading stakeholders organizations worldwide NGO/CSOs, SRI Org./Think Tanks/International Organizations, Corporate Networks

(3) Research on business examples

■ Global Benchmark
■ Member's Benchmark

Both benchmark services organize and analyze best practice examples from leading companies globally and in Japan under the following eight categories (all relating to corporate social responsibility/sustainable development):

- Vision, strategy and commitment
- Governance and management systems
- CSR literacy, education and knowledge sharing
- Business innovation and branding
- Business Process (Manufacturing processes, office operations)
- Workplace
- Stakeholder Communication
- Social Involvement

■ Corporate examples according to theme

Important future themes in the CSR field (6 different themes yearly) are presented, and the initiatives of several corporations are examined. Readers can understand the forward-thinking approach taken under each theme and its accompanying trend.

(4) Building personal connections

■ CSR Leadership Meeting

Annual assembly of CSR Compass members


E-Square Inc.

E-Square Inc. is one of Japan’s leading sustainability/CSR/environmental think tanks & consultancies. The key focus in our work is "sustainable value creation" - how to build sustainability into the business value creation process. We work in two main areas - management innovation and business innovation - with five different service lines: Strategy, Communications, Education, Marketing and Business Development.

Apart from the CSR Compass, E-Square operates THE FRONTIER NETWORK with major Japanese corporations in automobiles, food, banking, electronics, housing, real estate, retail, etc.

Contact details:
Tel +81-3-5777-6730